Guiding the development of the 2022 budget is the 上市公司会计监管委员会’s current five-year 战略计划. Given the ongoing leadership transition at the 上市公司会计监管委员会, the Board used the organization’s 2020-2024 战略计划 as the basis for the 2022 budget, with the expectation that the new Board will reassess the 上市公司会计监管委员会’s strategic goals and priorities in 2022.

董事会 approved the five-year 2020-2024 strategic plan during an open meeting on November 19, 2020. The plan reaffirms the five values and five core goals that the Board will advance to effectively fulfill its mission. 

Read the news release: 上市公司会计监管委员会 Approves 2022 Budget.

Read the 2020-2024 战略计划


In the 2020-2024 战略计划, the 上市公司会计监管委员会 continues to promote our five core values.


We adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. We engage internally and externally in a manner that is consistent, honest, and fair.


We pursue excellence in all we do. We are committed to further developing the many talents of our people so that we can improve our oversight and operations.


We manage our resources effectively and efficiently. We respond to a changing environment by implementing relevant, 及时的, and innovative solutions to achieve our mission.


We are dedicated to a culture of collaboration and inclusiveness, which we foster by encouraging openness, 可访问性, 信任, 和尊重. We embrace a diverse set of experiences, 技能, 视角, 和背景, which enriches our work and enhances the effectiveness of our efforts.


We depend on the diligence and dedication of our people to accomplish our mission and implement our vision. We owe each other our very best effort and expect to be held accountable. We recognize and reward outstanding performance.

Our Strategic Goals

董事会 approved five goals to fulfill its mission.

Goal 1: Drive improvement in the quality of audit services through a combination of prevention, 检测, 威慑, 和修复.

Goal 2: Anticipate and respond to the changing environment, including emerging technologies and related risks and opportunities.

Goal 3: Enhance transparency and 可访问性 through proactive stakeholder engagement.

Goal 4: Pursue operational excellence through efficient and effective use of our resources, 网赌每日送彩金, 和技术.

Goal 5: Develop, empower, and reward our people to achieve our shared goals.